Why should you care about online privacy?

Consider your privacy

Is your privacy still important?

When you consider the modern age you realize that privacy is really a thing of the past. But perhaps if you really consider it there was no privacy in the past. What do I mean by this? I think that we have managed through technology to go back to a pseudo village community where everyone knows everyone’s business. Want to find out what your child did today – look @ his facebook, twitter, instegram or snapchat. Want to know what that romantic interest of yours is up to, all you have to do is search. Someone just broke up – capitalize on it now!

A lot of privacy advocates are jumping up and down screaming about the intrusions from big government and big companies. Frankly I don’t really understand the problem. Lets even assume that big government and big corporate are actually gathering all your data and collecting a database on you (which they are and even they have said they are). When was the last time you know government to be efficient? When was the last time a large corporation lasted forever? When you really consider the domain space, you realize that these questions of privacy and anonymity online are just the same as they have always been through history.

You see with boundless data around the internet including WHOIS Records, all your emails, your twits, facebook logins and all the other crap you do online on a daily basis you can’t have people sorting all of this stuff – you need to rely on a machine. A machine can only reason in terms of 0 and 1 – when you consider you vs. a politician or a company CEO who do you think has more to loose from a machine looking at everything evenly?? Yer, you guessed it. So, in reality quit worrying about your online privacy and actually start being more worried about how much time you’re wasting online.

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